Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter livin'

I hear in parts of the country it’s winter.  It isn’t in California.  I mean I still wear cardigans most days, mostly to combat air conditioning.  But El Niño might be coming back, and that would be great because then I could stop saving the water I run in the shower waiting for it to get hot and toting it to the washing machine. 

Much of my life revolves around work and you’re dying to know what my job actually is…oh wait…that’s me who’s dying to know what my job actually is.  For the first 8 months I did very little work, so since November they’ve decided that every time someone quit they would have me “temporarily fill in.” An example.  At the end of December I was offered a job in a different department, it sounded a little too job-like, and there were some specific reservations I had so I declined.   Then I was told I actually had to do it until they hire someone else, or as the head of that department says, “I was conscripted.”  They still haven’t hired anyone else, nor have they attempted.  For a few days this was really too much work. I mean I was staying 30 minutes late some days.  But really time wise my old fulltime job was taking like 30% of my time/brain power and this one is like 85% (on it’s busiest days) so I’m just occasionally slightly over-taxed.  Monday I’m supposed to meet with both departments and negotiate a longer-term solution.  You should pray for me.

The main problem working with the two departments is I just get confused.  Like the other day I got a calendar invite for an offsite training (with free lunch!) for one of our customers and the day before I realized I had no clue who signed me up.  I went to the training anyways and tried not to let it show that I was pretty sure I was wrongfully enrolled.  The good news was I’d been praying just this week about making connections in my neighborhood and the lady hosting it is my neighbor. 

Speaking of aimless training, they sent me to LA twice.  This was great because while down there I got to see lots of lovely non-work people.  And one of those trips un-coincidently lined up with a youth retreat I was already planning on going to so that was super convenient.  I added a picture from that retreat, the 3 Joys with squinty eyes.  

Now that there’s more daylight I don’t feel quite as lethargic (except last Saturday when I went to brunch and then came home and took a nap at noon) so I can whip-up mid-week dinners like these Quinoa Burgers.  My mom was a big fan, obviously, but when she said I could definitely make them again my dad full on glared at her.    

Other food related news a few Wednesdays a month I try to have dinner with my grandpa.  If my parents are free they’ll come with me and my mom will bring food.  If they can’t come usually I’ll invite him to take me out for dinner.  So far Panera Bread is a safe bet, but I keep trying to diversify.  He says he likes Chinese so I took him to Panda Express – hated it with a passion, then my aunt took him somewhere-also a flop, and then I tried out a 3rd place.  We had a really nice time and I thought the food was great he said, and I quote, “the water is good here.” I mean he had to DIG DEEP to find that compliment.  The next time I called him to invite him to dinner he said he wasn’t hungry, and he doesn’t like any of the restaurants around here, and just plain no.  He forgets a lot of things these days, but evidently his taste-memory is strong.   Anyways, as my sister dearest pointed out he’d rather starve then eat out with me. 

So that is my life: work and food and Jesus (who makes all things good).

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